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Agenda of the Webinar 

The digital era is driving companies to constantly invest in a constant flow of richer applications. Appium’s popularity is growing as one of the key test automation tools, used to ensure that rapid new developments are delivered at a high level of quality. Yet Appium’s ability to deal with iOS applications is limited by hardware requirements and limited coverage. In this session you will learn how you can overcome Appium’ shortcomings when it comes to iOS testing and leverage Appium Studio to achieve high impact iOS test automation. 

Join us to learn how to

▶ Reduce Appium iOS testing cost and complexity - set-up in minutes, easy manage iOS credentials and test iOS apps on windows machines. ▶ Easily develop stable tests for any application type - including native, web and hybrid applications. ▶ Automate all use cases with Appium on iOS applications: including out-of app and complex use chases such as device settings, SMS integration or location based services.

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